In today’s age, websites are a necessity!

Some believe that making a website for their business is simple. Just throw some pictures on a background, add some links and viola! Others over complicate it; scared to pull the trigger and may even end up spending more on a website than what is needed.

Having a website is not about just having contact information and address so others can reach you. Having a website means content, branding and SEO.

I am going to give you 5 Tips that will help you get it done right:

  1. Get someone to do the website for you who is a professional but check the pricing with other builders. See samples of his work or get a mock site to be sure you are getting what you need and for a fair price.
  2. Make sure your site is built to brand your business. Branding is making sure the website is in a theme for your business and has relevant content to the service you provide. Everything that is on your site will be measured in the online public and if your site is not branded well you could be losing serious SEO. (Example: a Golf store that also sells passports or has a blog about the Seahawks. This will not help).
  3. Give away your passion. Sell yourself by giving it away. What I mean is inspire others by writing about your services or product. Offer others something valuable for free. (Example: 3 tips on waxing your car).
  4. Get Social! That’s right, make sure your website is linked to all your Social Media and post regularly this helps to build reputation and SEO (That is if you have good content).
  5. Have a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy. That’s right. Nothing happens by chance. Create a strategy to write content on your blog, your Social Media and build a subscriber base that is interested in what you do.  Maybe you write  monthly newsletter, and post to Facebook twice daily. Whatever it is. Plan it and do it!

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