SEO has become a confusing category. What is search engine optimization anyway? What does it do or how can I as a small business owner capture the power of SEO?

In the past companies would try to choose a business names that would get the to the top of the Yellow Pages phone book (Like AA auto care). Of course the phone book always started with the first letter in the alphabet A and went to Z. So the more A’s you have the better the chances of someone seeing your listing and calling you for your services.

The landscape has changed drastically. This mystery called SEO is all about Content.

The more you write, the more others write about you and the quality/ relevance of what you write is key. Don’t forget how Email marketing and Social Media can also play a huge role in gaining a presence online.

You don’t have to be the best just be the best at being you!

I will give you 3 tips on how to build SEO for your company organization:

  1. Get a website with a Blog. You will want to blog regularly to create more content online.Fresh content is a big deal. Several factors come into play here. You want to build company recognition, draw others to you and offer something of value to the reader.
  2. Social Media legs. You want to build a few good Social Media avenues for you to create content. Facebook is an essential for everyone but depending on your business or organization I would pick 3-4 good Social Media outlets and plan on posting to them regularly (YouTube, Instagram, Google+ etc.).
  3. Email Marketing. Yes initially, this is just an email sent to a subscriber base but the purpose is to get that subscriber base to look at you. An email newsletter is a perfect way to offer something of value and get others to click on your website, blog or social media links. With all 3 of these strategies in place you will be creating powerful SEO for your organization.

If you have any questions email me HERE or call at 206.413.1647

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