I want to dispel some of the myth about marketing concerning social media, website design and SEO.

Myth #1

I have talked to some Seattle business owners that think Social Media is just a toy and not a serious tool to building their business.

Whether we want to believe it or not Social Media is serious. If you send the wrong posts on Facebook you can find yourself being deleted by all who have friend-ed you or just simply be ignored. There really is a strategy to how you post where you post, when to post and what type of post to send. The key is to be strategic and consistent.

Myth #2

A website is just a page on the internet that gives people information.

How you set up your website is super important. There are elements to building a website that will leverage you in search engines to get more views and build recognition for you and your company. You cannot just wing it. There a lot of companies out there now offering website services in addition to what they already offer. That is all fine and good but a website is not just a pretty page with some info. Its about, links, relevant content, keywords and design.

Myth #3

SEO is a fantasy made up for businesses to spend more money on online services.

If it were everything would be easier. However, it is not that complicated. Basically SEO is about content. There needs to be a lot of content about you and your website out there online to make a difference. It has to be relevant (Keywords) content that directs a person to exactly what it promotes (Links). And it has to be valuable enough to get its viewer to click onto the content.

The face of Marketing your business has changed and we have to change with it. The largest percentage marketing now is done online and roughly 56% of people use a mobile phone to see that marketing (Your website).


Author: Robert Norman

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