Everyone needs a website in today’s marketplace. The question is what type of website is good for your business or organization? Yes, that’s right, there are all types of websites out there and you have to have it built the right way for it to be effective.

Let’s ask a couple questions:

What type of business or organization do you have?

What type of consumer do you serve?

What message are you trying to send?

To build an effective website you have to first know who you are as a company or organization and what your goal is. Second, you have to know what message you want to send to your viewers. Below I will give you the basics of how an effective website is built:


You must create a theme for your website. It should look act and sound uniform in design and that design should reflect who you are and what your trying to say.

What do you think these pictures are trying to say?

Is the first picture a bit confusing? Could this be a coffee shop targeting young entrepreneurs? Well, your theme should be more like the picture to your right. It is clear the picture is about social media. It looks uniform in color and design. So your web pages should also follow a theme in design, color and expression. The message needs to be clear.

Mobile Friendly

Almost all websites now are designed with mobile friendly features and they need to be. Did you know that more than 64% of people now use their smartphone to view websites or look something up? That is well over half the population. You need to make sure your website is reactive, looks nice on a smartphone and that all the pertinent info is near the top.


This is one of those words that is thrown around in the business world and everyone seems to know just a little about SEO that makes them believe they’ve mastered this mysterious unknown. Well, it is not that complicated but its not that easy either. There are several things that make SEO work but just doing one or two of those things will not make your website effective. You have to have all the ingredients to the recipe. (Keywords, meta tags, relevant content, back linking and effective descriptions and titles)

Appearance and Content

You have to have an artistic eye and be able to marry that with a voice to the words on your page. if you write boring descriptions or are not relating to your viewer they will stop reading and like wise if you choose images that are not relevant to your message, not appealing, or not relating to your content; people will stop looking. You have to draw them in with great content writing and powerful relative images. Another item to think about is if your website looks cluttered or if its clean, simple and informative. Websites should be clean with lots of white space.

See my home page as an example: www.normanmarketingllc.com


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