There are not a whole lot people writing content for their own business. I have found that many businesses hire out writers or marketing companies that contract writers to blog, organize newsletters and post to social media.  Whether you write it yourself or hire another company to write content; the key is to get quality content and the goal is to build SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which results in more people seeing your business. Let’s define what quality means and how to write that quality content.

marketing-1466313__340At Norman Marketing, I use a three-fold technique that works really well. I write quality content to inform the viewer via blog, I re-purpose the content for use in a newsletter and social media. That way, i am reaching my audience with the same message in different platforms. However, you want to change the re-purposed content to fit the platform you are using. For instance, Twitter is geared for short messages, links or pics. You want an info graphic, pic or link with a short description. YouTube is all video. You should make a video of that content to use for YouTube.

What is Quality Content?

-It Establishes a directive

-It saves the day

-Its written with a clear and concise message

-It does not bore the reader with details but educates while creating emotion

Now this is the essentials of quality content but you can add some flare to make it fun or dramatic. Creating emotion is a great tool for engaging your reader. These four principles can be utilized in any avenue for publishing content (Blog, Facebook, Instagram etc.).

Written by: Robert Norman

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