SEO is changing all the time. This year will bring a different set of rules. The future of SEO will be in the hands of the writer. Writing quality, relevant and resourceful content is what builds true SEO.


I have heard people say that having a lot of links in your post or content will build SEO, That is not true. What matters is if those links are quality, relevant resources. Quality and relevant will always outweigh quantity. In fact just random links can bring down your SEO. Google uses a smart algorithm for measuring data and will reward links and content that are helpful and relevant.

search-engine-optimization-1521119__340Meta Tags

Meta tags are not so much for SEO as they are for carefully defining your business category on the internet. although some keywords may be helpful to SEO. Meta tags are primarily for describing your services so that others can find you.

Pop-up Call to Action

When using a pop up call to action on a website be sure it does not limit the viewers experience or close them off from accessing your site. Aggressive pop ups are not just annoying but can hurt your SEO ranking.


Keywords are  important still but the context of what you write has now become more important. As Google’s algorithm for measuring SEO is a form of artificial Intelligence. It actually analyzes the context of your content.


Yes Google’s new algorithm even analyzes images. So make sure your images are relevant to your content.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the content that describes or sets you in a particular area (City or state). You will want to build a presence utilizing the place you do business then build from there. Local SEO is highly regarded the land of SEO. Establish your local SEO and you will do well. Start with your Google+ page.

Written by: Robert Norman

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