This year Facebook is making some pretty big changes that will affect your business drastically. Facebook has tightened the regulations on business posting. Your posts may not even be seen. I will give a you a few tips to help you navigate these changes to optimize your business presence.

Quality Content

content-is-king-1132259__340If you are just posting Infographics or small phrases to get people to notice your business or organization on Facebook, then there is a chance your post is not even seen by the public. Facebook will allow quality content that is helpful or resourceful but not sales pitchy. Remember Facebook is about people and even more so in 2018.




The best way to get noticed on Facebook is to engage people to comment or share your content. First you have to build an audience then you have to post quality content regularly. Lastly, engage your readers with questions, offers, controversy, humor or inspiration. You want them to respond.



Facebook adsFacebook as you know has Facebook ads for business. These ads can do really well for a very small fee. For $5 a day you can experiment and see what works best for you.  I would first gain some knowledge on how to post the ads but the learning curve is small and you will have a great pay off.


Facebook is still  a great avenue and probably one of the best avenues for building engagement and online presence. Remember, being a household name takes consistent presence. Offer something of value to your audience.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will spell out how to increase engagement on Facebook.

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