As you know Facebook has changed the rules this year which has made it harder for businesses or organizations to be seen in the news feeds. However, this is a good thing! Because now the content that will be seen on Facebook from businesses will have to be of good quality and resourceful. I’m going to show you a few tips on how to build engagement for your business or organization around these new regulations.

Quality Written and Resourceful Content

The need for a content writer in your business strategy is ever more increasing in the modern age of marketing. Facebook will not show your ads in news feeds unless they are either paid for or written well and resourceful. Write something of value to help your reader. This will not only help you to be seen in the feeds but also engage others.

Tip: Pose questions, build mystery or be edgy to get the reader to respond.

Personal Page Groups

While businesses are restricted, personal page post are seen and heard. Create a Group page for your organization from your personal page. Then build an audience and make your posts from there.

Be About Community

Write to build relationships. The days of Hard selling are over. Give something back and reach out. Engage your readers with questions, give resources and information. Let them know your credible and there as an organization…as a friend.

personal-3139194_1920Building Facebook Avenues

If you have a sales team, I would encourage each of your sales staff to create their own page for the company and add the company page to their connections. Then post regularly to build engagement. If you have three people with their own posts for the company and it is getting seen on the news feeds you just increased your out reach by 300%.

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